The idea is exploiting the heat from the weaners themselves. This heat varies strongly over 24 hours. Sleeping weaners give off 25 % heat only compared to active weaners. In a traditional live stock house the 25 % is not sufficient, and you must add heat. The cover itself accounts for a saving of 75 % compared to a fully heated section. With a cover you will expect 50 kWh of heat per year and pig place. Floor heat has become popular but it is an inefficient way of heating weaners. The reaction time of the floor is much slower than the changes in heat demand of the weaners. This prevents controlling the floor heat.

VengSystem make the cover (canopy) intelligent. You start to make the opening much smaller in order to keep the weaners warm when they are sleeping. When they are awake and feel too warm the cover is lifted accordingly. Dunging at the resting area is thus prevented. The first days they need some heat. A radiant heater is placed on top of the cover, and heat is supplied as demanded. Radiant heat is so fast, that you can control it accurately. Tests have shown that you can start with 20° in the room. This keeps the slats and slurry cool, which gives less odour and ammonia emission. The covers are lifted pushing a button to ease inspection.

The system is intelligent and senses using infrared technology, also known from the Intelligent Heat Lamp. The heating lamps and the cover is continuously controlled to keep the weaners thermal neutral. This compensates the nature of weaners: The most extreme variation in heat liberation known to any farm animal.

The intelligent cover can be integrated with Farm Control 2000 in order to get all benefits. It also is a part of the Future Safe Farm.